Change is Everywhere: Even the Pioneer Network Website!

Cathy Lieblich,
Director of Network Relations

Announcing the Launch of our Newly Redesigned Website!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pioneer Network is pleased to announce that we have redesigned our website with you in mind! We believe you will find it to be very user friendly and chock full of information and resources to help you begin or continue your culture change journey. The site is an excellent resource for providers, Elders and their families, staff in all settings, culture change coalitions, advocates, academicians, policymakers, researchers and virtually anyone interested in the culture change movement.
You can go to the website to get the latest information about Pioneer Network and the state culture change coalitions, current news and happenings, our annual conference, monthly webinars as well as toolkits. If you missed an article from our weekly newsletter or want to find one that was of special interest that you forgot to save, you can find them on our blog, Pioneer Networking, along with other posts about hot topics related to person-directed care and culture change. There is a comprehensive Resource Library that contains free resources developed by leading experts to help providers implement organizational culture change and person-directed care. Categories include:
  • Artifacts of Culture Change
  • Care Planning
  • Culture Change Basics
  • Dining
  • Getting Started Toolkits
  • Measuring Outcomes and Quality Improvement
  • Physical Environment
  • Policies and Regulations
The “For Elders and Families” section of the site includes information about how care is changing, care options, and questions to ask nursing homes and assisted living communities to find out if they provide person-directed care.
There is something for everyone, so be sure to go to to see what’s there and what’s new. And while you’re there, we also invite you to register for our March 9th webinar, Building the Foundation for a New Year: Using Pioneer Network and Other Resources to Guide Your Culture Change Journey. Join me and guides from provider organizations who will not only share with you where to find valuable resources on the website, but how to use them and most importantly, the outcomes that have been achieved when these resources where put into action.
Your feedback is very important to us as we strive to ensure that our website is valuable to you so please submit any questions or comments to

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